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  • Gaining maximum visibility in the search engines at the most effective cost
  • Balancing the budget for paid for and organic channels
  • Building a website that offers most current ecommerce functionality
  • Creating a user experience that maximises conversion rates

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Get Seen In The Search Engines For Less.

Our Ecommerce SEO agency specialists will increase the likelihood that your products will be appear in the search results.

We’ll address all of the underlying technical issues on your site, such as poor URL structuring and duplicate content. And we’ll write product descriptions that’ll drive sales and boost your rankings.

We’ll optimise your sales funnel and streamline your customer journey. Because Google just loves sites that make life easier for users.

We’ll Balance Your Budget For Both Paid and Organic Channels.

We’ll get your products seen on Google Shopping. You can demonstrate how your prices compare to your competitors’. And you’ll never lose another lead to them again.

We’ll design and deliver an intelligent long-term paid search strategy. We’re a Google AdWords Partner Agency, and we also know our way around Bing Ads.

We know how to create PPC ads that rank prominently, with the sort of copy that actively encourages shoppers to click.

We’ll Create A User Experience that Maximises Your Ecommerce Conversion Rates.

We can make every part of the user journey perfect. We’ll optimise your PPC ads, your landing pages, your product pages, and more.

We’ll carry out extensive keyword research and advanced A/B testing to discover what your customers want. Then we’ll structure your site to make their shopping experience as easy and pleasurable as possible.

We’ll set up email marketing campaigns and show you how to use social media to effectively engage with your customers.

Expect Measurable Results.

We’re Google Analytics Accredited. We’ll set up customised reporting systems to reflect your marketing activities. Once a month, you’ll be able to clearly see the results of our work.

But Analytics can be complicated. Especially when applied to ecommerce sites. So if you ever want to discuss your site’s performance, all you have to do is call. Your own dedicated ecommerce specialist will always be a phonecall away.

Choose Hallam as your ecommerce agency and prepare to be amazed.