Look for nuggets of gold in Google Analytics

If you’re struggling for inspiration for new content on your website, I have a quick tip for you.  There might be something relevant to your business that you haven’t heard of, or paid much attention to, yet is bringing you visitors – a little subject nugget that might not bring you thousands of visits, but might bring you some with profitable intention.

Most businesses are found on Google by variations of their brand name or the names of the brands or services they sell.  But a smaller number of visitors will arrive by other non-branded keyword phrases, which might turn out to be potentially profitable visitors, if they can find a solution to their problem.

Intrigued? Here we go then… Five steps:


1 – Go to your Google Analytics Account and set a decent date range – it’s up to you, but in this example I selected six months. If you have a fairly low number of visitors, you’ll probably want longer. If you get alot of visitors, maybe shorter.


Google Analytics date range


 2. Go to your Traffic Sources report and select Organic…

Organic results in Google Analytics

3. Now filter out your brand and/or products that you are most searched for. Use the Advanced Filter and make your exclusion selections. The quickest way is to exclude keywords. You can filter out anything to do with your brand by using a Regular Expression as in the image note.  Choose the things you know you get found for to exclude:

advanced filter function in Google Analytics

4. Click ‘Apply’ and see the results!  You might have a few or many and you can alter the view at the bottom right of the page.

number of results in Google Analytics

5. You can now order your results by keyword, visits, pages per visit, visit duration, New visits and Bounce rate.  You might find a few visits for very similar terms which could give you insights into areas of your website that could do with an overhaul to attract more visitors, or perhaps even to inspire new content idea …


extracted keyword results in Google Analytics


By spending a little time delving into this data, you can extract terms which look interesting, give you good quality visits with high page views and time on site, compared to your average.  Such visits are from people interested in what you do, with a particular problem to solve. Could your content be improved, do you have a good call-to-action in place?

Is there a nugget in there which could open the door to new business?

You can take this method to the next level by creating a Non-Branded Traffic Report for your Google Analytics Dashboard.


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  1. Jane Sherratt says:

    Thanks – really interesting. I shall go and implement that shortly.

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