Online Reviews for Service Based BusinessesLearn how to get the most benefit out of your customer reviews by following the advice and tips outlined below in order to help increase your current level of business by providing your customers with credible information that will help them to make a decision.

How do online reviews create benefit?

  • They add credibility and good standing to your individual services and offerings. Socially validated services benefit from having the associated trust that come from having other people write about your services in a positive light.
  • They help to increase your online visibility in terms of organic search and actively place you in front of people who are looking for what you offer or provide. Google in particularly favour ranking websites higher that actively feature fresh, current and topical content. An online review will tick most of these boxes.
  • They help other people and potential customers to quickly make an informed decision based on what others have said. This plays on the fact, if something is good enough for somebody else they’ve had a good experience then you may as well.

Where can my customers leave online reviews?

  • Google
    At the current moment in time one of the most beneficial by far is Google, because Google love to shout about and draw upon their own products and services whenever they can.Your positive reviews may even be displayed directly within the results when somebody searches, these results will get more focus and attention than that of a listing, which does not have any good reviews to display.
  • Niche focused review websites
    Other popular review websites that are appropriate to your niche or industry.

How can I request a review?

Some industries and people in particularly don’t like to be seen as being pushy when it comes to asking for things from their customers out of concern that they may cause annoyance, so here are a few soft and unobtrusive ways that you can encourage people to leave you online reviews.

  • Have a special card designed that asks your customers “What did you think of us?” – have a link to your preferred online review website; don’t overwhelm your customers with choices, preferably just one.  Notice it doesn’t say “Please write us a good review!”, this tact would sound quite aggressive.
  • You might even like to utilise a QR Code to enable individuals with smart phones to access the page without having to type or search, which will help to ensure more people write and leave reviews.
  • Write a clear message and call to action with a link directly to your page where they can write you a review linked from on your own website or social profile or page, so this would likely include your Facebook page and broadcast through your Twitter profile.


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