link reclamation

Link reclamation is the process of reaching out to prospects that have already mentioned your brand, product, company or content but haven’t linked back to your website. These sources that may have accidentally forgotten to link to you or just never thought to.

The conversion rate for acquiring these links is high as the people and sites that have mentioned you or your content obviously already like it enough to spread the word on their own website. It may even be flattering for them to know that you have found and read their content.

The benefit for you is that you might get to build a relationship with the person you contact which could prove useful for years to come if they are influential in their niche and you get a quality inbound link which will hopefully drive traffic to your website.

Link Reclamation Techniques

There are lots of opportunities to reclaim links that should rightfully be yours. Here I’ll talk about just one technique and two ways of carrying it out  to build links for your own website.

Product Mentions

Imagine someone has mentioned your product name in a blog post on their site. They’ve gone to the trouble of talking about your company and including your product name but have forgotten or stopped short of adding a link back to your website. This is the ideal opportunity to reach out to firstly thank them for mentioning your product (assuming its a favourable mention!) and then request that they also link back to your website as their visitors may find that link helpful if they want to find out more about your company or product.

There are many way’s to find these mentions. Here are just two ways –

Do an advanced search query on Google to find mentions of your product (or brand or company name for example). To do that you just write your “product name” in quotation marks and then (as in the example below). This is telling Google that you want to find all mentions of your product online where no link exists back to your website.

22-10-2013 12-24-46

You can then assess the Google results in terms of relevance and quality to see if you want to reach out to this opportunity and request that they link back to your website.

You can also use the Moz tool Fresh Web Explorer to find the most recent online mentions. The same search operators also work in this tool so just repeat your Google search…

22-10-2013 12-30-53

 And then review the results shown.

22-10-2013 12-33-24

If you find high quality, relevant opportunities then you need to find the contact details for the person that wrote the post or manages the website so you can contact them to alert them about your mention without a link. Keep the email friendly and thank them for mentioning your product and politely ask them to credit you with a link as you think it would be useful for their visitors if they wanted to find out more information.

There are lots of other link reclamation techniques (not just based on your product or brand name). If you’re interested to find out more, leave a comment and I’ll share some other techniques with you!


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