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Google Adwords Advice Google AdWords can be a great way for business owners to drive qualified traffic to their website, and a well devised and managed campaign has the ability to deliver a sound return on investment.

Prior to launching a Google AdWords PPC campaign there are a variety of factors to consider. Not only is it important to develop your understanding of the AdWords system its bidding and cost per click based platform, but you should be fully aware of your end goals and expectations.

Driving traffic to your website via an AdWords campaign is the simple part. Ensuring that the traffic is targeted with visitors who are ready to buy is tough, but arguably, what is even more difficult is then ensuring that visitor expectations are met to provide you with the highest possible chance of conversion.

If you dive into an AdWords campaign unprepared then the  results can be expensive with little reward. This post aims to provide AdWords advice and takes into account some of the key steps and considerations you should make when launching an AdWords Campaign.

Consider the Campaign Structure

A well structured campaign will help you to maintain an organised approach and ensure relevancy from your keywords right through to your sites landing pages. Not only that, but it will help you to keep your bidding and click costs competitively low whilst achieving high Ad positions and healthy click through rates.

You should take the time to consider which keywords you would like bid on and conduct some in depth keyword research, including which keyword match types to use and how much you are prepared to pay for each click delivered from each keyword. You should then group these keywords into tightly themed Ad Groups.

Each Ad Group should then contain a selection of adverts that are written to include your desired keywords whilst remaining persuasive and informative. Ensure the adverts destination is set to a highly relevant and well optimised landing page.

Why Landing Pages are Important

Well optimised landing pages, both from an SEO and design perspective are vital to ensuring that your AdWords costs are competitively low and that you have the best chance of visitors converting on your website.

Before you set an AdWords campaign live you should strongly consider if the pages you intend to send traffic to provide the necessary information and signals to ensure a visitor sticks around long enough to make complete a desired action, whether it be requesting more information or making a purchase.

Ensure that your landing pages include the themes and keywords set out within your Ad groups and that your page delivers the relevant signals and prompts to the users? Our Commercial Director Mike Hallam recently wrote an informative post regarding how to get more conversions from your landing pages.

Ensure that your contact and enquiry forms trigger ‘thank you’ or ‘confirmation’ pages on a unique URL. This is important because the page will provide reassurance that the visitor’s enquiry is being handed, and also give you a unique page to track as a measurable conversion.

Decide on and Configure Conversions

Measuring conversions are an essential element of your campaign as this enables you to measure the effectiveness of your efforts and will give you an indication of how users are interacting with your website once they landed on your site.

Set up conversion tracking to monitor the number of enquiries generated via your website.  Visit the conversion tab to generate the tracking code and install this into the html of any pages which you would like to track.

A popular conversion to measure is often a contact or enquiry form. A well designed and implemented contact form is a great way to capture the essential information of your visitors and generate potential leads. You should make sure that your visitors know exactly how to contact you and make it as simple as possible for them by removing any non essential steps from the enquiry process.

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Link Google Analytics to your Adwords Account

By linking your Google Analytics account to your AdWords account you are able to review and analyse how the visitors that have clicked on Adverts have moved and navigated around your website.

Google Analytics keeps a measure of all the traffic that arrives on your site and can provide valuable information relating to user activity, including where people enter and exit your website. The data provided by Analytics can help you to establish how well configured your campaign is  and how much of your converting traffic is delivered via AdWords.

In Summary

Before launching an AdWords campaign you should not only consider the structure of your campaign, but establish a set of goals and performance indicators that your website will be able to effectively deliver once you have driven relevant and targeted traffic to it.

If you would like to know more about how we can help and advise you with your Google Adwords campaign, then please head on over to our PPC services page.

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