Dubbed as ‘the feature that Facebook forgot’, Hyper Alerts is certainly fulfilling its promises so far and is my new best friend!

Hyper Alerts is a simple service that is designed to email you whenever posts or comments are made on Facebook Pages that you want to monitor. You can be emailed alerts for posts and comments made on your Business Page, or for a competitors (if you wanted to snoop!), any Facebook Page at all.

By using Hyper Alerts you won’t have to keep visiting your Facebook Page numerous times a day just in case someone might have written something on your Wall, commented on your post, or worse, posted something offensive that needs dealing with immediately.

You can choose to receive emails ASAP, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. It depends on how busy your Page is as to how often you should be alerted but I’d suggest you don’t choose anything less than daily. 24 hours is a long time on Facebook.

Why I think you should use Hyper Alerts

1. It Actually Works

If you’ve tried to use Facebook’s own alert system you will know that it is sporadic at best and very seldom works at all for me (!)

2. It’s FREE

You can’ argue with FREE, especially if it actually delivers what it promises like Hyper Alerts does!

3. It’s easy

Enter your email, select the Pages you want to monitor, choose how often you want to be alerted, done.

4. You won’t miss important updates anymore

Eliminate any worries you might have about content on your Facebook Page going unmoderated for days.

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