Website owners are receiving mass emails from Google alerting them that their website has a faulty mobile redirect :Stop redirecting smartphone users to the homepage of your website.”

In some, if not many cases, these warning emails are not accurate, and worrying web site owners unnecessarily.

Quite simply, Google is suggesting that mobile Google searchers cannot click through to a specific page on your website, but are being redirected incorrectly to your home page.

The warning message looks like the following, and includes steps to take to fix the situation:

Stop redirecting smartphone users to the homepage of

Steps you need to take if you get this Webmaster Tools Warning

Check to see indeed if you do actually have these faulty mobile redirects. Google has produced a helpful guide for mobile redirect faults

First, go to your WebMaster Tools and check to see if you your Smartphone Tab is showing Faulty Redirects.  Purely from an anecdotal experience, this report may include non-existing pages triggering this alert:

smartphone faulty redirect


Next, check to see if you get a warning that the site’s home page will open instead, and one easy way to test it is to use a mobile to search for a specific page on your site.

If things are wrong, your mobile searcher will see a message like this:


May open the sites homepage Try anyway

If, having done the necessary checks, you find you do not have any faulty redirects, then you can ignore this message.


2 responses to “Google: “Stop redirecting smartphone users to the homepage””

  1. Eric Davis says:

    Google seems to really be cracking down on this lately. A lot of webmasters are getting this message.

    If you’re website is built on wordpress, here is a plugin that can fix this issue for you –

    It allows you to setup a unique mobile redirect for every page/post on your wordpress website.

  2. Elita says:

    Hi,your article was informative and get to know how to stop redirecting smartphone users to the home page. I realy enjoyed while reading the article.

    Thank you.

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