New – Google Maps is asking users whether the details being displayed from the Google Local Business Centre are accurate.  Perhaps Google is trying to let users help clean up the spam in their database?

I searched for John Lewis Nottingham, and Google not only provided me with map and details, but prompted me if the details are accurate:

Google Local - Is This Accurate.

I clicked on the “Is this accurate” prompt to find out what happens next, as you do.

Now, with the most sincere apologies to John Lewis, I must confess that I pressed the “Confirm” button to say I thought the details are wrong.

Is this accurate- Google Local

What will happen to this “vote” that I just cast?

  • Will John Lewis be notified?
  • Will a Google attempt to verify the results?
  • Can unscrupulous competitors get a company blacklisted?
  • Will the user generated content have an impact on John Lewis’s rankings in the Local results?
  • What about unclaimed business listings?

With thanks to Mike Blumenthal who has an interesting collection of Google Local blog postings including one on this topic. Some of his articles do not pertain to the UK yet, but worth keeping an eye out might be heading our way. See also American Google vs UK Google.

2 responses to “Google Local Results Asks ‘Is This Accurate?’”

  1. I am glad google are finally allowing user feedback for this. I have noticed a few companies with false City Centre addresses in google local to ensure they appear above the competition in searches. Hopefully this will help clean up the information.

  2. I couldn’t agree more; I have ceratinly been, fustrated, to say the least, to find several buisnesses securing high positions, where they are, in fact, several miles, or in a few cases, several cities, away from their claimed location.

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