Getting a great web address is important to small businesses – and I was very pleased to be interviewed in a recent domain names article in the Sunday Times.

It is not that hard to choose a great domain name. Choose a name that is :

  • memorable
  • consistent with your brand
  • easy to type, which usually also means short
  • and if possible, consistent with your search engine optimisation efforts.

We know that British buyers prefer domain name because it suggests the company is local, or more relevant to their needs.

And I don’t like dashes (or hyphens) in domain names. I think they are awkward to pronounce, and look like spam when typed. And usually looks like you use dashes because somebody else has the name you wanted.

An entire second hand domain name industry exists offering to sell you an existing domain, as well as waiting to steal yours out from under you nose if you forget to renew your name.

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  1. says:

    Hi Susan

    Very interesting topic, enjoyed the Sunday Times article as well. There is one further issue about domain names which I read about some time ago, and have never seen anywhere else, hope this is of interest.

    That is: why not name your business after your domain name? (rather than the other way around). This is probably easier with .com rather than The rationale of this is that every time people see your brand, they see the domain name, so all off- line marketing reinforces the online brand.

    When we became a limited company we became “ Ltd.” the express purpose of this was to reinforce our online brand in all off-line marketing.

  2. blahdiblah says:

    What do you think about .net?
    What do customers think of it?

  3. ian says:

    I generally agree about the hyphens issue Sue, with one caveat: using hyphens separates out the words so that search engines understand where one ends and the next begins (which is why Blogger and others insert hyphens between words in the URLs of blog posts like this).

    The same principle applies to domain names, as they are also part of the URL, so using hyphens can make a small impact with SEO (which is of course why the spammers use them!)

    I would say though, this is a minor issue for domains and shouldn’t be the primary concern in choosing one (your post lists the main things!)

  4. I want to buy a second hand domain.Is it benificial for me in case of pagerank.

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