Find Hallam on FacebookFacebook, of course, is a social networking site for individuals.  But Facebook also provides tools specifically aimed for businesses that you can use to create a presence for the company, rather than for an individual

Your personal  Profile is what you are most familiar with.  This is your personal account, using your real name.  Your profile page can contain a link to your business website, and your profile is the gateway to all the networking opportunities on Facebook.  Facebook stipulates that your can have just one account, it must be your real name, and it it is for you personally, it cannot be your business  name.

Remember, the details of your personal Profile is only available to other Facebook users.

For businesses, you can create a specific Page that has a focus on the company rather than you as a private individual.  It is all a bit confusing, because a Page (capital P) is a different type of Facebook content then your Profile.

Your Facebook Page is open and available to anyone, you do not need to be logged into Facebook to see your business information.

You can add your logo to your Page, and a description, and all the usual Facebook applications like photos, videos, events, Discussion and Wall.

Rather than Friends, your Page will have Fans.  The exciting marketing opportunity this presents you with the ability to send email marketing messages to your Fans. You don’t want to alienate the Fans who love your business by sending out Spam, but a few well targeted messages a few times a year (special offers? new product announcements?) is an opportunity not to be missed.

By way of comparison:

Here is my Susan Hallam Facebook Profile

And here is our Hallam Facebook Page

If you are looking for inspiration, then take a look at this collection of example Facebook Pages

And of course a successful Facebook page is all about building and nurturing the community of users are interested in your business.

Here’s the link to get started creating your Business Facebook Page:  you will need to select a business cateogry that cannot be changed later, so be careful!  And be sure to make your name keyword rich to help your search engine optimisation efforts, for example Joe’s Plumbing: Nottingham Emergency Plumbers

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