This post was originally featured in the Nottingham Post in May 2014.

Showing off the people behind the brand.

It’s an advantage smaller businesses have over large companies. The ability and will to show the team is something that often larger corporations don’t have. And when it comes to digital marketing, there’s no bigger asset than YOU.

Here, we’ll explain how you can improve your digital marketing with a focus on ‘you’.

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Showcasing ‘You’

Nobody knows your business better than you. You understand your business values better than most, you’ve spent years crafting your offering to best appeal to your audience and you immerse yourself in your industry.
This level of expertise is hugely attractive to your potential customer. So showcase it!

Letting people know who you are and why they should trust in your expertise is a key part of building your business online. Here are 3 tips to showcase ‘you’ online:

1) Have a website profile

One of the ways we showcase our people at Hallam is to have profiles for every team member on our website. Take a look at to see them all.

Consider creating profiles for you and your team on your own website. Here, you should document the expertise of that person and what they specialise in, positioning them as the expert in what they do.

You should also include a link to your Google Plus profile within your website profile, so you’ll need to…

2) Create a Google Plus profile

Google provides a range of tools for business owners to use to improve their rankings and visibility in the search results.

Google Plus is one such tool. To make best use of it, you’ll need to create a profile. Note – if you have a Gmail account, a profile already exists for you.

Next, make sure that profile is complete. That means adding information such as your job title, your company, your location, your contact details, your tag line, your service/product offering and so on to your profile.

Then, add links to your website and your other social media to your Google Plus profile. All of this gives Google, and your potential audience, plenty of information about you to see that you are an expert in your field.

Posting content on Google Plus and engaging with other users on there will help to boost your profile as an expert.

3) Be active on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social network dedicated to business people. With over 10 million users in the UK alone, it’s a hot bed of potential customers and people looking for your products/services.

To make the most of LinkedIn, you’ll need a profile and, like Google Plus, it’s better the more information you can add to it.

Once you have a complete profile, there are lots of groups for you to join and discussions to engage in. You can also ‘connect’ with people on LinkedIn, so consider connecting with customers, suppliers, colleagues and contacts to improve your online network.

There’s no ‘I’ in team

But there are a number of ‘yous’. Don’t be afraid to follow the same 3 tips as above for your team as well as yourself. They’re experts too and by encouraging them to promote themselves as experts in their field, you also promote your business.

For us, our team of highly qualified expert digital marketers is our USP (unique selling point).

The ‘You’ of the Brand

Finally, you don’t need to restrict the idea of ‘you’ to just people. Your company can have a ‘you’ too, and understanding what that ‘you’ looks like can help you take your digital marketing to the next level.

Consider the question “If your company was a person, what would that person be like?”. For us at Hallam, we position ourselves as ‘The Approachable Experts’ and therefore the ‘you’ of our company is an expert digital marketer, they are very plain-speaking and trustworthy, they don’t use jargon and prefer to communicate clearly and concisely. The ‘you’ of Hallam would be dressed very smartly to portray a professional image.

What would your company’s ‘you’ be like? Once you can answer this, you can begin to showcase that ‘you’ across your website, social media and beyond.

Boosting your digital marketing

Showcasing ‘you’ is one way to boost your company’s digital marketing. Other techniques include SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (paid search advertising), email marketing, social media and an improved digital strategy.

To talk to us about how we can give your digital marketing the boost it needs, call 0115 948 0123 or email [email protected].

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