It’s been a month since my last blog posting, and after three years of blogging I ran into the dreaded Blogging Writers Block. Or as I would prefer to say, taking a blogging hiatus.

So why the blogging drought?

The cobbler’s children never has shoes.

Blogging puts significant demands on small businesses, meaning you need to find the time to write the postings, come up with suitable topics, and just plain sit down and do the work.

And I just haven’t had the time. Until now.

|I need a quick reminder that blogging is a valuable part of your Internet marketing armoury, providing a low cost tool that

  • provides a way to communicate regularly with your client base
  • generates search engine friendly content
  • updates your website on a regular basis
  • opens a two way channel of communication with your readers
  • repurposes the content as an email marketing newsletter

I’ve enjoyed my blogging hiatus, and thanks to you who have dropped me a line asking why I’ve been gone so long!

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